Welcome to Crock Pot Ninja!

We’re out to find the best crock pot recipes ever, and to share them with you on our very special website.  We’ll be finding crock pot roast recipes, chicken crock pot recipes, easy crock pot recipes, difficult crock pot recipes, and soup recipes for you to try and enjoy.

My name is Elizabeth, and my wonderful mom and I will be seeking out these recipes, testing many of them, and giving you tips for making the most of your crock pot (also known as a slow cooker).

Me and Mom

This is us.  We named this site Crock Pot Ninja because we often refer to our abilities as Ninja-like.  It’s hard to maintain a household, work, and learn, and we do all three.

About Elizabeth: Full time freelance writer, full time graduate student, daughter, wife, homemaker and caretaker of an ever-growing menagerie of pets.

About Mom: Retired real estate professional, homemaker, Army wife, mother to one high-maintenance daughter (see above) and all around bad-ass Ninja.

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